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This has insane potential! Plays nice and smooth, and I really think if you even just modeled the play after the old Wii Sports baseball, then you would have a recipe for a solid game. Just pitching, and batting. Maybe coordinate the ABXY buttons with pitch types, and go from there?

This is a very dope game! I'm a baseball and VR developer and was excited to play.  

overall good experience and fun gameplay. I love all the interactivity such and although it seems to not be optimized quite yet, it is very fun. 

I was curious as to how long this took you to create and if you will be updating the game at all in the future?

Thanks!! :)

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Good bones. Seems like the bat isn't correctly lined up on quest 2. It's higher than the controller (if you look at the bat horizontally). Pitching would also be a nice addition. Overall it has great potential! If there's any update coming soon, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

I basically live and breathe baseball so this was awesome to find! I would love to help with ideas if you have any questions. I've played other baseball games and can tell when the dev's don't really know the sport (not you) which diminishes the experience. 

Sorry for the long review 🤣

is this available for quest 2?

Yes, this version works for Quest 2, or you can get it from Sidequest.

ok do I purchase it through the download now button? I’m new to this and not sure how to make purchases that aren’t in the oculus store. 

I’d suggest googling sidequest it’ll walk you through the steps. You have to do a few things to be able to get non oculus store games on the quest.

love that you made it for the oculus quest