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I was just looking on google for MLB Umpire tests/quizzes (because I am thinking about an MLB umpire as a career) so this great to test myself. I was not expecting anything fancy but didn't expect to find something like this. When it first loaded it didn't look like anything special but it was really good. Similar to what larrymeesh said, I suggest you add the pitcher have a glove, the batter have a bat. I also recommend you try and make a background what resembles a MLB stadium and add dirt, grass and fielders. (I understand this will be hard so something basic along these lines will do. Also make the information box a bit smaller. Otherwise this is amazing.

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As a note for someone taking this seriously, there are no curves in the game nor air resistance.  At the moment of the pitch the ball is given a force.

Hey Beep2Bleep everything starts out in raw form but I believe this tool/app/game has the potential for growth. I am an up and coming umpire for single A MiLB. Although this strikezone and umpires view is slightly off it is an amazing start. Its the most realistic game that helps not only people in the profession but also the common guy/girl looking to practice their skills before any level of play. 

With the 75 mph to 105 mph pitches it seems about accurate. Again, as with all games I think it can improve greatly and I enjoyed learning this games strike zone. I am a taller umpire and i'm not sure if its the view but it seems some of your HIGH strikes could come down slightly. I believe the knees strike zone is about accurate. In my opinion i think its the cameras angle throwing off the high strike. But then by doing that you may screw up the angle at the low strike so I am sure you have tried different solutions.

Even if you could post some artwork in the background like you were in a stadium maybe give the batter a bat and even progress this further this game I believe has incredible potential to be the closest thing Umpires have to practice and hone their skills away from the field. Some type of future VR version as well for the new phones would be impressive. Something i would pay 20+ dollars for if it claimed to be something to help improve umpires ability to call strikes and balls.

My best score so far is 102/5 = 95.3% or so. My worst score is a 7/5 = 55% or so. This game is challenging and can test the best Umpires out there.

Minor tweaks and this game is a 9/10. as of now 7.8/10..leaves you room for improvement. 

10/10 once it makes the big time. ALL UMPIRES NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS MODEL! 

TRY GOING AT LEAST 45/5 = 90% ..5 times each day. There is no question this will improve your skills behind the plate for any level.

I will be donating. thank you for your hard work and providing the community with something so useful. I have enjoyed my time in this game and come back as often as I can.

Best of luck in 2018

Thanks glad you are enjoying it, honestly this the first time I've ever had feedback that anyone has even used or seen it.  I'd basically put this on a shelf since I didn't see any usage.  I made it in 2015 while watching the Royals make a run and win the World Series.  I wanted to see how hard it was to call balls and strikes at MLB distances and speeds.  It's been awhile but I believe I set the camera height at what I approximated to be normal umpire standing height.  Back in 2015 I did actually make a VR version but I never put it on the Oculus store so me and a couple of people at a VR meetup are the only ones who have ever seen it.  I'll work on making a version for Oculus/SteamVR I'll update the page when there are other versions.

If you can let anyone know about it in your community it would be greatly appreciated.

If you enjoy the game please leave a comment I'm trying to decide if I want to continue development/make a VR version.

This Is insane! I just finished paperwork to become an ump for kids in my neighborhood. My best so far is 38/43 after my first time using it.  Thank you so much!

Thanks glad you enjoyed it. If you have a be headset it’s also available in vr as part of Home Plate Baseball on Steam and Oculus Quest.