A downloadable game for Windows

This is Made by Unity Technologies I just wanted to host this for easy use.  I get about 80-100 FPS on a 6700K and GTX 1080 so it requires a serious machine to keep full frame rate.  I just took the Asset and made a standard PC build.

Book Of The Dead: Environment

The project requires 2018.2b9 or higher. Import into an empty project (3D template) to avoid conflicts with builtin packages.

This package contains an extended version of the environment that is shown in our Book of the Dead trailer.

Please visit the official forum thread for discussion or questions about the package.

The package includes:
    - Environment art assets scanned by Quixel, coming either from the Megascans library or produced exclusively for this demo.
    - Environment art assets produced by the Demo team using photogrammetry.
    - Environment scene, setup using the HD Render Pipeline.
    - Player Controller and a Camera fly-through mode to discover the scene in play mode
    - Area Volumes: Volume based system driving atmospheric scattering, sunlight and wind properties.
    - Custom atmospheric scattering.
    - Custom vertex shader for procedurally animated wind, used by all our vegetation.
    - Project-specific Lit shader customizations.
    - Project-specific customizations to lighting, shadows and occlusion inputs and calculations.
    - Occlusion Probes, a baked solution for efficient sky occlusion on foliage.
    - Grass occlusion system to create additional occlusion for our smaller vegetation assets placed on the terrain.
    - Sound effects, and a fully functional audio landscape.

The project runs 30 fps in 1080p on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Windows/DX11 (mid-range gaming system). It is also supported on macOS(High Sierra)/Metal, Windows/DX12/Vulkan as well as on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One S.

More information and detailed Book of the Dead making-of articles: unity3d.com/book-of-the-dead.

Some components of the project are governed by licenses other than the Asset Store EULA; see ThirdPartyNotices.txt in package for details about each component.



PCNonVRBuild.zip 672 MB


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Thanks for the build!

I was wondering if you still have the project files on your computer? Unity decided to deprecate the project a few days ago on the Asset Store... :(

I would definitely interested if you could share them!

Thanks :)

Hello, do you know if this is the last version of the Demo?

I don't plan any more updates no.  This is built from in a specific version of Unity to show off the Assets Unity of the environment created for the Book of the Dead demo.

works beautifully but how do you exit?

I had to use the windows key and close it in the taskbar as esc doesn't quit it

is OK but was wondering if an easier way

I think alt-f4 is the only easy way to quit, sorry I didn't do any custom dev just built it as Unity created it.

if I manage to download it,  Thank you very much for thos!
spent all day trying different Unity versions and it would not build or play due to compilation errors even though I just imported it into empty projects, I have little luck with the demos only one that ever worked was the Viking village. I just want it for pretty screenshots to use as backgrounds in my art.

Chrome seems to hate itch.io many games given me failed downloads and the itch download app lasted 2 minutes before I uninstalled it

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for making this accessable, it runs so nice on my mac pro 2010.

Glad you liked it.


I dont even know where to begin. Everything is amazing man

Thanks glad you liked it.