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Hi, can you please upload it to a different host? 

Why and where would you want it hosted? This is one of the only free places to host it, it’s quite a large file.

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it always giving my the "Bandwidth transfer quota exceeded" at 1.5gb i have i also have an account :(
Also if you are interested, in unitylist there is a guy who have an updated version for 2018 LTS

After waiting 5hs to download the other 1gb left, mega just downloaded 50gmb and then "quota exeeded" again, so F* that s*ty service :) i have it and i will upload to another better service, like mediafire osomething, Thanks anyway

Sorry it didn’t work I’ve had bad luck trying to host big files anywhere else for free best of luck.

Mediafire? i just upload the 2.5gb file in one package to mediafire...

Uploaded to mediafire.


Bro, thanks for providing the asset pack

can i ask for a one more favour...

Actually i am unable to open project in unity 

Everything i try to import this pack

I got tons and tons of bugs

I fix most of them but still can't able to run it even one time.......

Can you please help me

It constantly giving error for custom botd.unity.package

Even after fixing it.

It say there is a common duplucate file from this package and probuilder package

I can't even remove any or i came back to square one with tons of bugs

Please help

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Sorry I don’t know but try using the year of unity I referenced. I’m sure it’s broken on anything recent. Also try just importing it by itself.

Use the Lts branch of Unity 2018.

look for 2018.4.36

Is this a unity package or build version of book of dead

built version using the asset package. The specific unity build a s listed on the page.

Since I had previously "bought" it I was able to redownload from Unity and I hosted on mega here:

Thank you so much....


Thanks for the build!

I was wondering if you still have the project files on your computer? Unity decided to deprecate the project a few days ago on the Asset Store... :(

I would definitely interested if you could share them!

Thanks :)

hey, did you find the book of dead package. I am also searching for it. Please inform if you find it

I got to download it from the Asset Store actually, Unity put it back for a little while afterwards. I think your best bet would be to ask directly customer service about it. That's what I did and they were able to tell me that the version was coming back to the asset store in about a month. Sadly they removed it now, since I believe it only works with 2018.3 or something. Good luck!


Since I had previously "bought" it I was able to redownload from Unity and I hosted on mega here:


Since I had previously "bought" it I was able to redownload from Unity and I hosted on mega here:

Sorry looked through my harddrives and couldn't find the asset anymore.


Since I had previously "bought" it I was able to redownload from Unity and I hosted on mega here:

Hello, do you know if this is the last version of the Demo?

I don't plan any more updates no.  This is built from in a specific version of Unity to show off the Assets Unity of the environment created for the Book of the Dead demo.

works beautifully but how do you exit?

I had to use the windows key and close it in the taskbar as esc doesn't quit it

is OK but was wondering if an easier way

I think alt-f4 is the only easy way to quit, sorry I didn't do any custom dev just built it as Unity created it.

if I manage to download it,  Thank you very much for thos!
spent all day trying different Unity versions and it would not build or play due to compilation errors even though I just imported it into empty projects, I have little luck with the demos only one that ever worked was the Viking village. I just want it for pretty screenshots to use as backgrounds in my art.

Chrome seems to hate many games given me failed downloads and the itch download app lasted 2 minutes before I uninstalled it

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for making this accessable, it runs so nice on my mac pro 2010.

Glad you liked it.


I dont even know where to begin. Everything is amazing man

Thanks glad you liked it.