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Thanks for the build!

I was wondering if you still have the project files on your computer? Unity decided to deprecate the project a few days ago on the Asset Store... :(

I would definitely interested if you could share them!

Thanks :)

Hello, do you know if this is the last version of the Demo?

I don't plan any more updates no.  This is built from in a specific version of Unity to show off the Assets Unity of the environment created for the Book of the Dead demo.

works beautifully but how do you exit?

I had to use the windows key and close it in the taskbar as esc doesn't quit it

is OK but was wondering if an easier way

I think alt-f4 is the only easy way to quit, sorry I didn't do any custom dev just built it as Unity created it.

if I manage to download it,  Thank you very much for thos!
spent all day trying different Unity versions and it would not build or play due to compilation errors even though I just imported it into empty projects, I have little luck with the demos only one that ever worked was the Viking village. I just want it for pretty screenshots to use as backgrounds in my art.

Chrome seems to hate many games given me failed downloads and the itch download app lasted 2 minutes before I uninstalled it

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for making this accessable, it runs so nice on my mac pro 2010.

Glad you liked it.


I dont even know where to begin. Everything is amazing man

Thanks glad you liked it.